There Are Three Kinds of Auto Repair Service Direct Mail Marketing

There are three kinds of Auto Repair Service Direct Mail Marketing and if you don’t know what they are – and how the wrong kind can hurt you – and you don’t understand how to apply the right one to your auto repair service shop – chances are 10 to 1 that you are using the wrong type of direct mail marketing for your shop. What does that mean?

It means that the car owner – standing at your counter – with your direct mail postcard in their hand – is not the person you were trying to reach!

The  Three  Kinds of Auto Repair Direct Mail Marketing Are
Shotgun Marketing – Income Marketing – Specialty Marketing

    1. Shotgun Marketing – for general auto service shops only. This type of direct mail marketing should never be used by specialty shops or general shops who are looking only for high income customers.

      This kind of auto repair marketing is typified by coupon packet mailers or zip code and carrier route saturation mailings. For the auto repair service industry, Shotgun direct mail postcard marketing is used (by far the most), simply because it is cheap. This form of car repair marketing promotes primarily increased car count (without the stipulation of increased-high-income-car-count).

      Because it is shotgun marketing you have limited control over the income levels of the people who walk through your door. Yes – carrier routes and zip codes can be selected by median income levels, but that does not guarantee that all your direct mail postcards are going to upper income homes. In fact, it’s almost guaranteed that they won’t.Here’s why. If you have a $60,000 median income in a specific zip code that zip code may be made up of half the customers at $30,000 and the other half at $90,000. In such a case – half of your customers could be high income – and the other half – “Oil Change Only Customers”. In most cases however, it us usually 70% to 80% low income customers.In such a case all you can do is throw up your hands and say, “Well – we just have to take the bad with the good!”

      You see, carrier routes are not designed for marketing purposes. They are designed for the benefit of postal delivery. You will almost never find a carrier route that is all high income unless it is buried somewhere in Boca Raton FL, Beverly Hills CA or West Bloomfield MI.

      You can even find a scenario of just a few million dollar homes in the same carrier route as a bunch of $100,000 homes. That could give you a ratio of 9 to 1 poor customers to rich customers. Sure it’s cheap, but you just never know.

    1. Income Marketing – is where you get your mailing list by median household income – individually.
      median income There Are Three Kinds of Auto Repair Service Direct Mail Marketing

      Auto Repair Service Income Marketing & Advertising

      Your direct mail marketing postcards are sent out individually to these homes by bulk rate mail. Yes, it is more expensive, but for a general service shop, this approach will give you the best chance at bringing in the highest number of ‘Fine Car Money Customers’ and weeding out the ‘Oil Change Only Customers’.

      Many specialty auto repair shops have tried income direct mail marketing, but they get nowhere near the response rate of the third kind of automotive direct mail postcard marketing.

  1. bmw1 There Are Three Kinds of Auto Repair Service Direct Mail Marketing

    Auto Repair Service
    Specialty Shop Marketing

    Specialty Marketing – if you are a European or Japanese auto repair specialty shop, or specialize in Cadillacs, pick-up trucks, Chevy, Ford, or whatever specialty you like, the only way to do successful auto repair direct mail marketing is to get a specialty direct mail, mailing list by make, model, year.

    Trying to find 200 Range Rovers in a city of 500,000 people is not a job for a coupon packet mailer or carrier route saturation mailing. It is a job for a car specific, make, model, year, direct mail marketing automotive mailing list. Anything less is useless for specialty auto service marketing.

    Motor Service Marketing has specialized in Income Marketing and Specialty Marketing ONLY – for 28 years, bringing in “Fine Car Money Customer’s” since 1984.

There Are Two Kinds of Specialty Auto Repair
Direct Mail Marketing Mailing Lists
By Make, Model and Year
1) Compiled Lists -or- 2) DMV Lists

    1. Compiled lists are developed by profiles, or sources like insurance companies, self reported, and a variety of other sources, to identify vehicle types in that area. Because these types of lists are compiled by sources that report only what they have found, these lists can have as little as  70% to as low as 50% of the vehicles you are seeking in your market area.

      How do we know this? Simple, we have taken compiled mailing list counts for specific vehicles and years, and compared them with the exact same vehicles and years – at the same time – with the DMV List in the same zip codes. There just is no comparison!

      In states where the DMV List is not available, compiled lists are, by far, your very best bet at hitting your target market. We use them for our automotive direct mail marketing clients in the other 30 states we can’t get the DMV List and we still have good enough results for them to keep sending out our Ad-Card direct mail marketing program year after year.

  1. But for any specialty shop, within one of the 20 states that have the DMV List, there is just nothing better than the actual DMV list – in any given market – to produce highly successful response rates. The DMV List is being sold by 20 states once again, and we have been selling it for 7 years. There is no substitute for the DMV List. And, yes, it is legal.
    dmv lists There Are Three Kinds of Auto Repair Service Direct Mail Marketing

    DMV Lists By
    Car Make, Model & Year

    Find out more about the DMV auto repair service marketing direct mail, mailing list. See if your state is one of the lucky 20 @ and call us for your Free Market Analysis.

Call right now for a FREE Market Analysis. We will get you counts either by income or make, model, year, put those counts up on a map displaying your auto repair marketing area, and give you prices for the list alone –or- a list and our Ad-Card direct mail postcard marketing program for your auto repair service shop.


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