How To Sell Auto Service For Higher Profit

How To Sell Auto Service For Higher Profit

Auto Service 25 cents 200x300 How To Sell Auto Service For Higher Profit

Do you sometimes feel that your auto service marketing is bringing in nothing but low income customers. Find out how to sell auto service to high income customers.

Most auto service shop owners and most auto service marketing providers think that selling auto service starts at the front counter. It does not. It starts with who walks through your door. How to sell auto service for higher profit? You start with auto service marketing that attracts the high income fine car money customer.

I don’t care how many customers you have standing at your front counter. If most of them are low income customers you’ve lost the battle even before you get started.

You can have the most beautiful auto service shop in the neighborhood. You can be diligent and work hard all day. You can hone your sales techniques and strive for the up-sale. You can be the most friendly and persuasive auto service writer in the world. But all you will hear is the word “NO”. Because you are trying to sell people with no money, work that costs a lot of money. You can’t make the sale if the person you are talking to has no money.

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