How To Sell Auto Service For Higher Profit

How To Sell Auto Service For Higher Profit

Auto Service 25 cents 200x300 How To Sell Auto Service For Higher Profit

Do you sometimes feel that your auto service marketing is bringing in nothing but low income customers. Find out how to sell auto service to high income customers.

Most auto service shop owners and most auto service marketing providers think that selling auto service starts at the front counter. It does not. It starts with who walks through your door. How to sell auto service for higher profit? You start with auto service marketing that attracts the high income fine car money customer.

I don’t care how many customers you have standing at your front counter. If most of them are low income customers you’ve lost the battle even before you get started.

You can have the most beautiful auto service shop in the neighborhood. You can be diligent and work hard all day. You can hone your sales techniques and strive for the up-sale. You can be the most friendly and persuasive auto service writer in the world. But all you will hear is the word “NO”. Because you are trying to sell people with no money, work that costs a lot of money. You can’t make the sale if the person you are talking to has no money.

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How Do I Attract Fine Car Auto Repair Customers? By Using The Right Auto Repair Marketing Mailing List!

How Do I Attract Fine Car Auto Repair Customers?
By Using The Right Auto Repair Marketing Mailing List!

So – I am a specialty auto repair shop. How can I attract fine car owners to my European or Japanese luxury auto repair shop? The best way is by using upscale, high image auto repair direct mail marketing and a web site design that creates the professionalism and comfort zone necessary to generate the feeling in their minds and hearts that says, “This is exactly the kind of auto repair shop I have been looking for”!

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Auto Repair Direct Mail Marketing The Customer’s First Impression

Auto Repair Direct Mail Marketing The Customer’s First Impression

Auto repair direct mail marketing, right along with your web site, are the 2 most important faces of your business. Why? Because, other than driving by your auto service shop, your auto repair direct mail marketing and your web site, are going to be the things that establish the potential customer’s first impression of who you are. The usual process is this. The customer gets your auto repair direct mail marketing postcard. If they like what they see and feel good about you, they go to your web site. If they like what they FEEL there, your chances of getting them across your threshold is extremely good. If not. You may lose them forever.

What Is The Job Of Your Auto Repair Direct Mail Marketing? To bring in as many high income fine car money customers as possible. If you are simply fighting the car count battle you are probably losing. High car count is generated by cheap auto repair direct mail postcards, covered with countless giveaways.

The Car Count Strategy is this. Just send out tons of postcards. Sure you will get a bunch of low income customers, but every now and then you get a great customer, who will keep coming to you and pay full price. The problem? The number of high income customers is very small because they are not attracted by cheap auto repair direct mail marketing. They are attracted by professionalism, great customer service, credibility and class.

High income fine car money customers are not won over by a great coupon. The are won over because they feel that you are qualified to service their fine car.

Auto Repair Direct Mail Marketing That Wins High Income Customers Starts With A Great Mailing List

If you are a general auto repair shop, you want a mailing list that will give you high income leads only, to attract the high income customer. You don’t want only half of your postcard mailers to go to high income customers while the other half goes to low income customers. You want all of your cards to go to qualified high income direct mail leads. If you still have low income leads in your mailing list, you will still have the low income customer shuffle to deal with.

    • Also, if you are a general auto repair shop, you must be careful with zip code or carrier route saturation mailings. Yes – they are much cheaper – and they do give you a median income level by which to select your carrier routes, however you never really know how many leads are in the income range you are looking for and how many are not. Let’s say one of the carrier routes you have selected has a $100,000 median income level.

      Does that mean that all the homes in that carrier route have $100,000 incomes or more? Not at all. Median, means right in the middle. So half of the people in that carrier route will have $100,000 or more income – while the other half will have less income. Such a carrier route is (for example) often made up of many income ranges. Let’s say that within this $100,000 median household income carrier route you find income ranges from $30,000, to $50,000 on the bottom half – and – the remaining 50% on the high-end could be $100,000 to $200,000 incomes. But they all “average out” to $100,000. The potential problem? You may, or may not have known, that up to half of the leads in this carrier route could be low-income ‘Oil Change Only Customers’ when you thought you would be getting all Fine Car Money Customers.

      Carrier routes were not made for marketing purposes; they were made for Post Office delivery routes that would make it easy for them to deliver the mail, in less time and for less cost. Sadly, the Post Office was not thinking of the auto repair shop owner’s direct mail marketing response rates when they laid out these routes. For auto repair direct mail marketing purposes these routes would have been better suited if they were designed by home value or income level. But we have to work with what we have, not what we don’t have, right? That is why Motor Service Marketing works with income level or make, model, year auto repair mailing lists only. They give you complete control with your auto service mailing list and much better response – from the right customer.

  • If you are a specialty auto repair shop, let’s say you are a European auto repair service specialist, (but you could be Japanese or any other specialty like pickup trucks, American cars, Chevy’s, Fords, etc.) what you want is a mailing list that selects car owners by make, model and year. Let’s say you are looking for Mercedes, BMW, Audi, Jaguar, Volvo, SAAB, Land Rover and maybe even some of the more exotic cars like Rolls Royce, Bentley, Ferrari and Lamborghini. At we can get direct mail marketing mailing lists for all of these vehicles and more. To reach the auto repair service money customer with your direct mail postcard marketing, you will need an accurate list by make, model and year.

    This would require a DMV direct mail marketing, mailing list (if you are in one of the 22 incredibly lucky states where we have the DMV List available), or a compiled car make and model list in any of the other 28 states where the DMV list is not available. The DMV auto repair direct mail marketing mailing list will allow you to do design car make specific postcards and hit them with an image and car-make-personal appeal that is unbeatable from every other form of auto service marketing.

  • Response rates go through the roof (if you have a great and pertinent postcard mailer that will sell them once they get it.) For 29 years, we have been creating the ultra upscale, tested-and-proven, high impact Ad-Card direct mail marketing program that is the perfect complement for either general auto repair advertising or specialty auto repair service marketing. At Motor Service Marketing we can create your entire Ad-Card marketing program from start to finish, selecting zip codes around your auto repair shop, and using the DMV mailing list, a top quality compiled list, to get you exactly the cars you want in your bays.

    Or, if you already have a postcard direct mail marketing program that has proven itself, but needs a better list, we can sell you the list only if that is what you desire. It’s your choice. Call us right now and we will get a count for you, using the DMV direct mail, mailing list for your auto direct mail marketing area, and show you maps and counts by zip code and a complete quote showing you how to attack your market with the Ad-Card auto repair direct mail marketing program. We don’t bite, we don’t fight, we just give you the information you need to make the very best decision for auto service marketing in your area.

Why Not Call Motor Service Marketing right now. Ask us your most important questions and we will have tested and proven answers for you.

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