How Do I Attract Fine Car Auto Repair Customers? By Using The Right Auto Repair Marketing Mailing List!

How Do I Attract Fine Car Auto Repair Customers?
By Using The Right Auto Repair Marketing Mailing List!

So – I am a specialty auto repair shop. How can I attract fine car owners to my European or Japanese luxury auto repair shop? The best way is by using upscale, high image auto repair direct mail marketing and a web site design that creates the professionalism and comfort zone necessary to generate the feeling in their minds and hearts that says, “This is exactly the kind of auto repair shop I have been looking for”!

If you can do that, chances are exceedingly good that they will at least come in to give you a try. But the rest is up to you. You must treat these wonderful customers, these fine European, Japanese or American luxury car drivers like royalty to keep them coming back and telling others about you. If you can do that – you deserve such customers and the loyalty that they will give you over the years.

The Finest Luxury Auto Repair Service Marketing Since 1984

As an upscale auto repair marketing company for 28 years, Motor Service Marketing has had the incredible opportunity and blessing of working with some of the nation’s finest European specialty auto service shops, Japanese specialty shops and general service auto repair shops.

It has been a great honor to create upscale auto repair marketing for these shops in the form of our Ad-Card, auto repair direct mail marketing program.

The key to the Ad-Card is this… When the customer first takes the Ad-Card out of the mail box, what they are holding in their hand is a level of quality equal to their fine European, Japanese or American luxury car. Your credibility is established instantly!

When you are trying to sell luxury car owners, on bringing their fine car to you for service, you must hit them in the heart as well as the head, or you lose them forever. At Motor Service Marketing, we have perfected this approach over 28 years of testing and proving our unique methods of reaching this very special, world class auto repair customer. And we offer EXCLUSIVITY. We will work with no other auto repair shop in your market area as long as you are a client of Motor Service Marketing.

If you are a specialty auto repair shop, give us a call to see if your territory is open or closed. If it is open, we will give you a free market analysis of your area. If you are in one of the DMV List, auto repair mailing list 22 states, we will get you a count of exactly how many cars are available in the car makes and years of your choice. We will place the information on a map and give you a quote for what it would cost to purchase the list only, or to get the list and have us create the Ad-Card direct mail marketing program for you.

Remember This: If you are doing auto repair direct mail marketing – it is the list that is targeting the customers that will come through your door. However, it is the content of your auto service direct mail piece that will bring them in.

Therefore Only A great list and a great direct mail postcard with pertinent content will create the kind of response you are looking for.

Call us today for a free market analysis
(if your market area is open).

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