Does Your Current Auto Repair Marketing Company Offer You Exclusivity? If Not – You Could Be Working With A Double Agent!

Does Your Current Auto Repair Marketing Company Offer You Exclusivity? If Not – You Could Be Working With A Double Agent!

Angry Auto Shop Owner2 Does Your Current Auto Repair Marketing Company Offer You Exclusivity? If Not – You Could Be Working With A Double Agent!

This shop owner just found out that he is paying 2 to 3 times more per lead for his auto repair marketing direct mail than he thought – and – is getting only half to a third of the customers he thought he was paying for.

Auto repair marketing is the subject matter here. But in this article we will introduce a serious problem that could be drastically reducing your response rates. At the same time it could be increasing your “Per Lead Cost” at the same time – and you may not even know about it.

Is Your Current Auto Repair Marketing Company Also Your Biggest Competitor?

Spy thriller movies are still one of the most popular movie venues today. And in those movies, who is always the deepest, darkest, most evil of all villains? The double agent!

Why? Because he or she would pose as a patriot, an ally, one of the team. Willing to fight and die to save our nation! But in reality, they were the most dangerous enemy of all. They had access to our plans, strategies and secrets and would filter them to the enemy to use against us!

OK – so this example might have just a little overkill to it. But if you think about it, how much different is it.

You – auto repair shop owner – get a postcard in the mail. You see a web site offering auto repair marketing services for your business from one of the countless “auto repair marketing experts” that are out there now.

So, you thought you’d check it out. You call and speak to one of their salespeople. They tell you all about their successes. They tell you how they will do the very best job – (out of all the other auto repair marketing companies in the industry) – to build your business. And,  at the lowest price possible.

You sign up and pay your money. Your auto repair marketing direct mail postcards start going out. A few new customers come to your shop.

THEN – six weeks later, one of your current customers walks through your door holding three postcards. One of them is yours, but the other two are from two of your direct competitors. All 3 postcards look amazingly similar. They were DESIGNED AND MAILED BY THE SAME MARKETING COMPANY YOU USE!! (Sounds like a double – or maybe even a triple agent doesn’t it.)

So much for their promise - “they will do the very best job – in the entire auto repair marketing industry – to build your business at the lowest possible price.”

Here’s Why Auto Repair Marketing Direct Mail Exclusivity Is So Crucial

NOT GUILTY – If you are a printer, not an auto repair marketing company, you are not guilty. If you devise no strategy, develop no creative, determines no approach or appeal and create no design, you are not guilty. If you write no copy and give no targeting advice concerning your printing client’s auto repair marketing then you are not guilty. You can print auto repair marketing direct mail postcards all day long for 20 competitors in the same market area without guilt.

Why? Because you are just putting ink on paper. You are not pitting one client against another for market share. That is between the auto repair shop and their auto repair marketing company.

GUILTYHowever, if you are the auto repair marketing company your are guilty. Why? Because you are the chosen agent, appointed as the General, who was hired to march your client’s business into the battleground of commerce, to defeat the enemy (their competitors).

But you are also working with the enemy at the same time? You are fighting the same battle for all sides? Auto Repair Marketing Company! If you are doing this – you are not there for your client! You are there for the increased income you receive from two or three clients. You are not there for the increased sales of your one-and-only client. And  you really don’t care who wins. How could you?

FROM INNOCENT TO GUILTY – A postcard printing company that prints direct mail marketing postcards for multiple competitors in the same market is not guilty of being a traitor. But the minute they call themselves an auto repair marketing company and start doing the strategy and design for one client, and then turn around and design similar advertising materials for another competitive client in the same market, they become guilty.

SHop owner – THE PRICE PER LEAD FOR Your Auto Repair Marketing Has Doubled OR TRIPLED And Your Results Have Been Cut In Half Or Less

Shop owner, when your chosen agent (your auto repair marketing company) produces auto repair direct mail marketing for one of your direct competitors, that competitor will now take away half of the responses you should be getting. So, you are now paying twice the amount for each new lead. And, you are getting half the leads you thought you were paying for. If your marketing company is working with 2 or 3 other shops in our territory, your leads will evaporate and your cost per lead will skyrocket.

Your Price Per Lead Has Doubled or Tripled and Your Response Rate Has Been Cut To One Third. Did You Know This Could Happen To Your Auto Repair Marketing?

Make sure you ask these two things before you work with any auto repair marketing company:
1) Are you currently working with any other auto repair shops within my market area. If the answer is yes, simply hang up the phone. If the answer is no, ask the second question.

2) Are you going to give me Exclusivity in my market area as long as I continue to use your auto repair marketing direct mail program? If the answer is no, hang up the phone and call us, because you may have to go through 20 or 30 auto service marketing companies before you find one that will give you exclusivity.

This Is Exactly What I Mean When I Say…

… in my free online book, “The Art and Science of Selling Auto Service”, Most Modern Forms Of Auto Repair Marketing And Advertising Were Designed To Make Money For The Guy Selling It – Not The Shop Owner Buying It.

How To Measure The Integrity Of An Auto Repair Marketing Company?

You See – We at Motor Service Marketing offer Exclusivity to every Ad-Card auto repair direct mail marketing client we have. We work with no direct competitors. And when we turn down a potential client, because we already have a current client in that market  area – we lose money. However, not all marketing companies are willing to do that for their current clients. In fact, I believe that Motor Service Marketing is the only auto repair marketing company in the business to offer exclusivity. Others have tried it, but gave it up.

Motor Service Marketing Turns Down More Auto Repair Marketing Customers Than We Actually Get

Why do we do it? I learned from my Dad, Zed Daniels Sr., the marketing genius behind the introduction of Mr. Coffee that captured 50% of the coffee maker market the first year. He taught me one basic principle about marketing and advertising ethics.

Dad said, “Zed – when you are in the marketing – advertising business, your only job is to make your client the best know, best looking, most desirable, highest quality business in their industry. You scrutinize the competition, develop your strategy and marketing plan. Then you run circles around that competition to bring in the perfect customer for your client, in the largest numbers possible.

You never work with two clients in the same business, in the same market, at the same time. It may make you a little more money in the short term, but in the long run, it doesn’t work for either client and it is just flat dishonest. It goes against every principle of business ethics and it will come back to bite you every time. It will kill your reputation faster than anything.”

This principle holds just as true in the auto repair marketing business, and is actually more important due to the smaller numbers of customers in your local geographic market areas.

EXCLUSIVITY is what it is called and it is the basic foundational, unconditional principle upon which any marketing program must be built. Any decent, serious and honest auto repair marketing company, who is truly in the marketing business to increase the exposure and profits of their clients, would not even have to think twice as to whether or not to offer exclusivity.

Exclusivity Is Just As Important To The Success Of Your Auto Repair Marketing
As Oil Is To Your Car.

I learned the Exclusivity ethic from my Dad and put it permanently in place at Motor Service Marketing since day one – 29 years ago.

Some Shop Owners Think That Ad-Card Is Expensive

Compare that to the fact that Ad-Card brings in the Fine Car Money Customer instead of just car count. We don’t work with other shops in your market area diluting your response rates and increasing your cost per lead by 2 to 4 times.

European Auto Service Video Aventura – Miami FL – a 7 year client

Louden Motorcar Services Video, Dallas TX – a 17 year client

Compare that to the fact the we turn down any and all competitors who see your Ad-Card and want to use it against you.  We have turned down 5 competitors for Steve Louden over his 17 years of working with him. See short video:

Motor Service Marketing actually does work with you and you alone to help you strategically build the very best auto repair marketing program in your local area – bar none!

So – if you haven’t asked your current auto service marketing company if they are giving you exclusivity, you might want to do it now.

If they aren’t  give us a call at Motor Service Marketing, 800-428-0286, ask for Zed and find out if your market area is open so we can work with you. Trusted Auto Repair Marketing for 29 years. BBB A+ Rated.

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