Automotive Service Marketing Is All About Beating Your Competition

Automotive Service Marketing Is All About Beating Your Competition

If automotive service marketing is all about beating your competition, you must first ask this question – What Are We Competing For?

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Great Automotive Service Marketing attracts fine car high income car owners who are willing and able to pay well for your services.

If the purpose of your automotive service marketing direct mail is to increase your profits, (and that is the only purpose for automotive  service marketing) then the answer to  this question is quite simple. You are competing for The Fine Car High Income  Customer. Why?

Because they are the only customers who have the money - to say yes – when you are making your “Services Needed” presentation. AKA the up-sale.

However 80% to 90% of all automotive service marketing falls into the category of “Cheap, Fast  and Easy” automotive service marketing direct mail.

What is Cheap, Fast and Easy automotive service marketing direct mail?
1) You call the automotive service marketing company.
2) They throw a photo of your shop, a car, several more stock photos on a postcard.
3) They add a snappy headline like “Car Problems?” “Need Auto Service?” or “Car Troubles?”. Compelling!?
4) Then they slather it with 4 to 8 cheap coupon offers (that you will be paying for).
5) They print it quick and saturate some carrier routes with it. (Which is a mediocre  method of income targeting).
6) All you have to do now is wait for the low income (oil change only) customers to bring in the coupons. And hope you get a few high income customers in the mix.

Most shops do their automotive service marketing this way. Most shops have the same results. Their apportioned share of the the coupon chasers.

What is the purpose of Cheap, Fast and Easy automotive service marketing?

To get increased car count. The problem? Car Count Is Meaningless! If your automotive service direct mail marketing is bringing in the low income customer, it is because the low income customer is exactly who responds to Cheap, Fast and Easy Car-Count-Marketing.


Are You Playing The Automotive Service Marketing Car Count Game? If So, You Tossed Your Hat In The Ring With Maybe 90% Of All Auto Repair Shops. You Are Already Losing Before You Even Get Started.

I’ve heard well meaning, respected, long time, industry trainers say that car
count is all that matters. Teaching things like, “If you are doing at least a $200 RO average, just keep bringing them in and you will be doing great!”

There’s one huge fallacy in that argument. Let’s say you have 4 customers with different RO amounts in one day:

  • Customer #1 = $65.00
  • Customer #2 = $375.00
  • Customer #3 = $39.00
  • Customer #4 = $321.00

Total = $800.00 (RO Average $200.00)

Come On Automotive Service Marketing Buyer! Do You See It?
What’s Wrong With This Picture?

Half of your business is highly profitable. The other half is busy-work with no profit. You are settling for business you don’t want.

SIDE NOTE: If you go out hunting and come back with a pheasant, a family of 4 doesn’t get quite enough to eat. But if you come back with a 16 point buck deer, you have food for a week.

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No matter how many of these guys you bring in with your automotive service marketing, you will never get ahead financially.

You know what I’m talking about. You have all tried the cheap mailers. And most of you are still using them. The pheasant hunters.
Coupon packet mailers. Inserts in the grocery fold-over once-a-week flyer in the mail. Carrier route saturation mailings.
Grocery store register tapes. Huge postcard printing companies who work with every kind of business in the world – yet try to pass themselves off as automotive service marketing experts. Most of it with designs as generic as you can get.

You have tried all of these things without any real success, but keep bouncing from one Cheap, Fast and Easy automotive service marketing company to another,  just hoping – some day – to finally find the one that works but they never do. Everybody wants to pay for the 50cc motor scooter, then wonders why they can’t win the race against a Harley 1200.

Such automotive service marketing direct mail companies love to talk about the thousands of automotive service marketing customers they have. How cheap their prices are. But one thing they never talk about is that most of them are selling the same program to your competitors at the same time. Actually sending the same type of postcard, with similar design, to the same homes that your postcards are going to. Did you know this?

If your automotive service marketing company is not checking to see if there is a competitive shop in your market area – the very first thing when you call. You can be 99% sure they are not giving you exclusivity and are working with your direct competitors.

This can cut your response rates in half – to one third. But they are making 2 or 3 times more money by doing it.

If they are working with your direct competitors, you are most likely paying more per lead than you would be with our Ad-Card automotive service marketing direct mail program. But We Give You Exclusivity! So you are getting all the fine car high income leads that our program can generate!

Click here to see just how much non-exclusivity can reduce your response rates.
“The Dirty Little Secret In Auto Service Marketing

How is Car-Count-Automotive-Service-Marketing
helping you build your auto repair business? It’s not.

Why do most auto service shops choose cheap, fast and easy automotive service  marketing direct mail to do the job. Because everything they have tried over the years all seem to work the same. So why should I pay more to get the same results?

 But Dear Shop Owner. You are getting the same results because you just keep doing the same thing. You are simply switching from one – cheap, fast and easy – automotive service marketing company to another.

WHY? Because you have been trained to concentrate on cost-per-card-mailed rather than on what’s important.
The quality of the customers coming through your door!

Thus you continue to get the same results. Your diluted share of the low income auto service customers in your market area. Why? Because you are targeting the wrong people and your postcard does not have the class to create a comfort zone for the fine car owner to try you.

But, you say,”I can’t afford anything other than cheap automotive service marketing!” That is probably true because you are not making any money from your current automotive service marketing. And you never will until you break out of this rut.

What does cheap, fast and easy automotive service marketing attract?
Cheap, hard to up-sell customers. 

This is why Car Count and Cost Per Card Mailed are completely meaningless.

In Addition: If the appeal, the appearance and the feel of your automotive service marketing direct mail is not right, you will never attract the high income customer. You will always bring in the low income customer right along with the low profits that come with them.

Every week the mailbox is stuffed with cheap, fast and easy automotive service marketing. If you are one of them, how does this make you stand out?

The low income customer loves cheap automotive service marketing. Why? Because the foundation of such marketing is always Big Savings! They see a coupon slathered postcard and run toward it. The High Income Customer turns from it. Why? They are thinking, “If this shop has to give their services away to get customers in the door, just how good  could they be? I will not trust them with my fine car.”


Cheap, Fast and Easy automotive service marketing makes you the prime target of the low income customer. It makes you look Cheap, Fast and Easy.

The fine car high income customer will simply walk away. Because you are just another mediocre auto service shop in the crowd. Your automotive service marketing postcard confirms it.

Great income, comes only from automotive service marketing that captures the Fine Car High Income Customer. That’s it! All else is failure – especially if you are a high end European or Japanese luxury car shop.

You need to create comfort zone for these people to give you a try, or they just keep going to the dealership, or independent competitor who does make them feel comfortable.

Aren’t you tired of cheap and easy, low income automotive service marketing direct mail yet? Go read this free online book: You will be able to see instantly where your automotive service marketing is right or wrong. 29 years of experience on every page.

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Automotive Service Marketing that targets Fine Car High Income Car Owners Only by Car Make, Model and Year. The very best way to select the perfect car owner, with the cars you love to work on.

When you are done, give me a call.
Zed Daniels, President – Motor Service Marketing
We will do a free Market Analysis for you and give you a quote to reach the high income fine car money customers in your area.
Don’t forget! We have the DMV make, model, year mailing list in 22 states.

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The best way to find a high paying customer is to find the person who was willing to pay a lot more for a car they love! That is automotive service marketing at its very best.

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