Auto Service Marketing Texas Using The DMV Direct Mail Mailing List

Auto Service Marketing Texas Using The DMV Direct Mail Mailing List. That delivers high income, fine car customers only.

That’s right! If you own an auto repair shop in Texas, you no longer have to seek customers using the antiquated, disappointing method of increased – unsorted – car count that delivers mostly low income, “Cheap Oil Change Only” customers.

Will Make This Choice For You Auto Service Marketing Texas Using The DMV Direct Mail Mailing List

There is nothing more exciting than to see the right car, with the right customer pulling into your shop. On the other hand… There is nothing more disheartening than to see the wrong car with the wrong customer coming through your door. What’s the difference? The amount of money you make – or lose.


  • Unsorted car count means you are sending out cards to everybody.
  • Having absolutely no idea of what kind of car or income level will come in!
  • Why shoot for everybody? 
  • Why settle for high percentages of low income customers.
  • Why would you want to bring in low income customers at all?
  • You know. Cheap oil change only. No additional sale customers.
  • No profit customers that you have to weed out using your highly paid staff.
  • Customers that can cost you $20 to $40 each – in wasted staff time.
  • Customers who will not come back as loyal, full price customers.
  • Because they can’t afford to pay full price.
  • Why not eliminate the penny-pinchers altogether?
  • Why go through the wasted time and disappointing, lowered RO averages?
  • When you can select the exact cars you make the most money on.
  • Cars that you know - just by the very nature of the car’s make, model and year – will have a car owner who loves their car. 
  • A car owner who is willing to spend the money to keep that car running to perfection.

You need to be sending your direct mail postcards to ORANGES ONLY! This is what I call, “FLIPPING YOUR CUSTOMER BASE”. By eliminating the cheap customers and attracting only the fine car high income customers, your profits begin to soar all by themselves. Just because the right customer came through your door, with the right car.

That is what you call “Auto Service Marketing Texas Style”.

Why are we talking about auto service marketing Texas? Because Texas is one of the states we can provide you with the DMV mailing list. Yes – the real thing.

Click here to visit the DMV List Web Site For Details On How We Can Do This.

If you want to seriously increase your income, you must bring in customers with money. Customers that also have the desire to spend that money on the cars they love – well above the necessity of a simple oil change. That is the only way you can make a serious increase to your income. The only way to build your auto repair service business. Car make and year targeting is the very best auto service marketing Texas auto repair shops have available to them. Advertising that will regularly deliver customers of high income, based on the car they drive!

There is one more thing. When your auto repair marketing brings in auto service customers with money, the chances of them coming back as loyal, full price customers is 70% to 80% greater. Cheap customers never come back at full price. They can’t afford to. They just keep bouncing from cheap coupon to cheap coupon, from shop to shop, looking for the lowest price.

But this is not true with Prime Customers. Not only can and will the prime customers come back at full price, they are also the ones who will give you referrals. Referrals to other fine car high income customers. Now that is auto service marketing Texas shop owners can get their enthusiasm behind.

If higher income is what you are looking for (instead of just more, unidentified car count) you will find the DMV List and The Ad-Card direct mail program the most prosperous auto service marketing Texas has to offer.

Auto service marketing Texas grown and Texas proven for over 30 years.

Credibility Headers With Slogan Auto Service Marketing Texas Using The DMV Direct Mail Mailing List

The very best thing you can do to increase customer loyalty is bring in fine car high income customers with your auto service marketing. People with money. Why? Because cheap customers never come back to you and pay full price. Prime customers are the only ones who come back at full price.

Auto Service Marketing Texas
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