Auto Service Marketing Can Form The Attitude Of Your Shop

Auto Service Marketing Can Form The Attitude Of Your Shop
You Can’t Sell A $800 Brake Job To A $50 Pocket!

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Yes – your auto service marketing is just that important. You, your employees and your families can be excited about your business or upset. The difference? High income or low income customer response to your auto service marketing direct mail decides how much you make.

YES – your auto service marketing can form the attitude of your shop. Here’s how it works.

Have you ever seen that TV show about the guys on the crab boats? How dangerous and exhausting the work is. After watching it for a while I started to notice a trend.

Some boats had great crews, working hard together, joking around, helping each other out. A wonderful team.

Other crews however were always angry. The men were constantly complaining, arguing and sometimes even fighting.

What was the difference?

The crews that were happy were successful. They were bringing in large quantities of crab. They knew that this trip was going to end up with lots of money in their pockets. This crew would be proud to go home to their families and tell their crab fishing tails to their friends.

The crews that were fighting were unsuccessful. They were not catching crab and all their – almost unbearably hard work – was in vain. They knew that if things continued to be this bad, they would go home exhausted and broke. They would be facing angry families and would be laughed at by their fellow fishermen. And everyone hated the captain because he could not find the crab. He could not bring in the money.

Your Auto Service Marketing Can Have The Same Effect On Your Crew!

If your auto service marketing direct mail advertising is bringing in the low income customer, no one is making money. Everyone is miserable. They go home with their heads hanging low.

But, if your auto service marketing attracts the fine car high income customer, everyone IS making money. They can go home with pride to their families every night. But most important, they can be happy about coming into work the next day.

When Your Auto Service Marketing Is Not Bringing In The Fine Car High Income Customer…

You, the owner are not happy because you are not making your profit goals.

Your service advisers are not happy because they can’t make an up-sale and they are getting low bonuses.

The technicians are not happy because they are doing car inspections that yield no additional paying work.

If at least half of the new customers from your auto service marketing are not high income customers, you and your crew are fighting a losing battle. You are just as human as the crab fishermen. If you catch a lot of crab you are happy. If you catch no crab, you are crabby. (Sorry about that.)

Highly Targeted Auto Service Marketing Can Change Your Life And The Lives Of Your Family And Employees! 

Does your auto service marketing direct mail have the class and comfort zone to capture the fine car high income customer? If not – it might be time to try something  that is dedicated to selling high income customers only.

Ad-Card auto service marketing direct mail, by Motor Service Marketing. Specializing in winning the high income customer for 30 years.

Does your auto service marketing direct mail have the right mailing list to attract the right car owner?

What is the right car owner? Someone who had enough money so they could afford to purchase a fine car. That same person is far more likely to also have the money to pay for your services to keep that car running to perfection. This is the car owner who says YES to your up-sell!

Instead of sending your auto service marketing postcards by income level, maybe it’s time to try car make and year targeting. Why? Because you know, by the very nature of the car that they are driving, that this customer will have the money and are much more likely to spend it on maintenance and repair. Yes It Really Does Work! And if you are a specialty shop, it is the only way to go.

The DMV List direct mail mailing list. The standard by which all other make, model, year direct mail mailing lists are judged. The best auto service marketing direct mail mailing list in the business. It can make a huge difference in the nature and quality of customer who responds to your auto service marketing. It can make a huge difference in your income.

An 8 year client in Aventura Florida talks about 22% sales increase using the Ad-Card auto service marketing direct mail program targeted by the DMV mailing list.

Click Here: Short Video Shows You How And Why This New Targeting Method Works So Extremely Well.

Is your current auto service marketing direct mail, being sent out by carrier route saturation mailing? If so, you are almost guaranteed to be getting a lot more low income customers than you thought you wold.

Carrier route saturation mailings are based on Median Income. Median means middle. At least half of the leads you think are all $60,000 to $100,000 income earners, can actually be well below that. Low income customers are still a large part of your auto service marketing equation.

Wich Customer Would You Rather Have 300x93 Auto Service Marketing Can Form The Attitude Of Your Shop

Your Auto Service Marketing is choosing your new customer base for you. Which customer is being brought in?

Maybe it’s time to look at a new way of doing things. Highly targeted marketing by make, model, year and the Ad-Card auto service marketing direct mail program to capture the fine car high income customer.

What Have You Got To Lose? The Worst That Can Happen Is You Say No.

Call Us Right Now For A Free Market Analysis By Make and Year for the cars you love to work on. We will also give you a count and quote for the Ad-Card auto service marketing program. The worst thing that can happen is you say no. The best thing that can happen is you, your family and your employees are no longer CRABBY. Call 800-428-0286 right now.

Does your current auto service marketing direct mail company give you exclusivity? If not, they could very well be working with 1, 2 – or more – of your direct competitors – sending their auto service marketing postcards to the exact same leads they are sending yours. Maybe it’s time to work with an auto service marketing company that gives you EXCLUSIVITY.

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