Auto Repair Service Direct Mail Postcard Marketing That Brings In The “Fine Car Money Customer”

Auto Repair Service Direct Mail Marketing That Brings In The Customer…

smiling man in car Auto Repair Service Direct Mail Postcard Marketing That Brings In The “Fine Car Money Customer”

Bring In High-Quality

What is the
“Fine Car Money Customer”?

It is a new term created to describe the most desired, won the lottery, Holy Grail of all auto repair service customers.

What is the
“Oil Change Only Customer”?

It is a new term, created to describe the most feared, lost my patootie, busy work only, least desired of all auto repair customers.

Let’s Analyze The Auto Repair Direct Mail Marketing Industry For A Moment

Any comments that could be perceived as merely negative are not being included here just to make other mailing companies look bad. They are facts that affect your income.

You tell your auto repair customers that they need to do this, or they need to do that to keep their car running properly, safely and to save money on car repair by doing regular maintenance. That can sometimes be perceived, by the car owner, as a mere sales pitch so you can make more money. However, it is true.

But many of your customers won’t listen. They won’t make the sacrifice of $50 now  to save $1,000 later – and it usually takes the car owner several times of paying $500 to $1,000 or more for a major repair, that they finally get the idea.

I often feel the same way when I try to explain to auto repair shop owners that Fine Car Money Customers are not attracted to your business by cheap, generic, coupon slathered auto repair direct mail postcard marketing and advertising. They are attracted by quality, image and comfort zone. But yes – it does cost a few more pennies per card to achieve this image and feel.

It costs even more if you are a European, Japanese or other specialty shop and want to use the DMV List to hit your perfect customer right between the eyes. But most shop owners don’t believe that anything will work, so they continue to go the cheap route.

The overwhelming majority of auto repair shops (at least in my 28 years of being in this industry) use cheap direct mail marketing. Why? Because it is cheap! Most auto service shops have never had a great response from their direct mail marketing, (usually because cheap is all they have tried) so they have decided that cheap is the only way to go. Why spend more for the same poor response?

What does most cheap auto repair direct mail marketing consist of. A company where you talk to 1 of 30 sales reps, who give you the company line, they make the sale, turn your job over to a designer who uses stock photos of a customer smiling, a car, a mechanic with his head under the hood and then pop in some canned copy that sounds just like every other auto repair shop you are competing with – telling everyone how you are the best.

To complete the job they slap 4 to 8 low priced offers on your postcard then saturate several zip codes or carrier routes, hitting everyone in each neighborhood, regardless of income level.

What kind of customer does this kind of auto repair marketing drive to your shop? That’s right! Predominantly, the Oil Change Only Customer. What kind of profits does this generate for your shop? You probably already know.

But you keep doing it in the hope that each time you send out your auto repair marketing direct mail postcards, you just might get one or two great customers out of it.

If your auto repair shop does direct mail marketing that looks like feels like and is perceived as cheap, generic advertising, THEN: here is what happens to you and the other shops doing the same thing…

The only thing you are doing is – taking the number of available customers in your area – and dividing it equally between yourselves. What a reward! An equal share of Oil Change Only Customers, with maybe a few good customers thrown in if you are lucky.

In the meantime, all the Fine Car Money Customers, who have purchased an expensive car, that want their vehicle repaired and maintained properly, are either going back to the dealership for their auto repair service (because they trust them, but don’t trust you yet) – or – they  are going to the local independent auto service shop who creates an image and comfort zone – that is equal to their perception – of what a great auto repair shop is. A shop that will meet their needs and wants for their car and will treat them with respect and great customer service.

So How Do I Draw In The Fine Car Money Customer?

With quality (just like their quality car and their quality attitude) – not quantity and cheap.

Call Me Right Now For Your Free Direct Mail Marketing Analysis
For Your Auto Repair Service Shop’s Geographical Area

General Auto Repair Shops

If you are a general auto repair shop we will give you information on how many high income customers you have in your geographic area, and how to reach them with the Ad-Card auto repair direct mail marketing program – tested and proven for 28 years to bring in the Fine Car Money Customer.

Or  general service shop owner, maybe you have never thought about doing direct mail for specific makes of cars or trucks.  Think about it. We have done it for many shops over the years and it always works better than the general appeal for all makes and models.

Specialty Auto Repair Service Shops

If you are a European auto repair service specialist, Japanese specialist, American car specialist or you are just looking to do pickup trucks, Chevys, Fords, Dodge, Chrysler or any specific make of car we can do you one better!

We will get you a count on the vehicles of your choice by make, model and year, show you where they are on a map and propose an Ad-Card direct mail marketing program that will bring these fine customers in.

DMV auto repair direct mail marketing mailing list!!

dmv lists available states Auto Repair Service Direct Mail Postcard Marketing That Brings In The “Fine Car Money Customer”

Find Your DMV List State
Car Owners List By Make, Model & Year

If you are located in one of the lucky 20 states that are releasing their information once again, you can put your automotive direct mail marketing in hyper-drive! Get the actual DMV mailing list by make model and year. What would that do for your auto service direct mail advertising? Send it through the roof (but only if you had a great direct mail postcard to drop in the right car owners lap).

We can sell you the list only so you can create your own postcard marketing – or – we can design an Ad-Card direct mail marketing postcard for your auto repair shop. That way you get the perfect list and the perfect image hitting at the same time.


Is the auto repair marketing company you are using, providing the exact same direct mail marketing program for a competitor? If you are using a coupon packet mailer, it is a virtual guarantee that you will find 2 or 3 direct competitors in the same envelope with yours. That cuts your response rate to ½ to 1/3 or even less than you thought you paid for.

Many individual mailing companies do exactly the same thing with one-on-one mailings. Check around. This is far more prominent than you think.

Motor Service Marketing Gives You Exclusivity

For 28 years, every independent auto repair shop owner has been given complete exclusivity in their auto repair direct mail marketing area. We will not work with any of your competitors that could dilute your response rates. As far as I know, we are the only auto repair marketing company in the industry giving its clients exclusivity.

When you call us, you will be given a free market analysis, betting counts for you and putting the information up on a map with a complete breakdown of your market size, as well as a quote for the project.

My hand is in every Ad-Card, auto repair service direct mail marketing post card we design and produce. You will talk to me, Zed Daniels, President of Motor Service Marketing and, to strategize and set up your marketing program. We will ask hard things of you so your Ad-Card will be the strongest, highest quality direct mail postcard hitting your auto repair market, to attract and draw in the Fine Car Money Customer. And yes, it is worth it. See what Steve Louden (a 15 year European auto repair specialist in Dallas has to say about Ad-Card) at our web site:

You will never know what can be done with the perfect auto repair direct mail marketing postcard and the perfect direct mail mailing list – until you try it. Are you willing to spend a few more pennies per card and take a little longer to get a new, more powerful, more persuasive direct mail marketing program going. A program designed to bring in the Fine Car Money Customer?

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