Auto Repair Direct Mail Marketing Is Only As Good As Your Mailing List

Auto Repair Direct Mail Marketing Is Only As Good As Your Mailing List

If you are a specialty auto repair shop looking to do auto repair direct mail postcard marketing by car make, model and year, there is only one completely reliable mailing list you can buy. The DMV List, auto repair direct mail marketing mailing list.

Benefits Of Using The DMV List

  1. Get 20% to 50% more leads in your market area over compiled lists that can’t possibly get all the information your state DMV has.
  2. Get the most accurate and reliable auto repair marketing mailing list in the business.
  3. Once you use the DMV mailing list, you will suddenly realize, you have finally found the fountain of auto repair direct mail marketing success that you have been seeking your entire auto service career. (Assuming you are sending out a great, properly designed mailer using the DMV List.)
  4. Less wasted money. When you get large numbers of wrong addresses for the cars you are seeking, you are spending money on card printing and postage that is not necessary.
  5. Thus, you get more response and more return from your direct mail marketing. Many more target cars are hit, with many more responses, thus rendering higher profits because of it.
  6. You will find a renewed faith in direct mail marketing. (Again – assuming you have a great direct mail postcard marketing piece as well.)

The DMV Car Owners Mailing List In Use For Eight Years

Auto repair shop owner, the DMV auto repair marketing mailing list has been in use now for 8 years and is available in only 22 states. If you are in one of these lucky states, and are not using the DMV List, you are missing a huge section of your market that has never gotten your direct mail piece.

Is The DMV List Legal?

Yes! In the 22 states it is available in – the states themselves ar

dmv lists 280x300 Auto Repair Direct Mail Marketing Is Only As Good As Your Mailing List

DMV Lists By Car Make, Model & Year

e selling it again. But you can’t get the DMV mailing list from the state. They are selling their DMV mailing lists to us. We buy the entire state and quite a large sum. Motor Service Marketing is the exclusive representative for independent auto repair shops for the DMV List.

Why don’t the states sell the list to individuals? The states themselves do not have the software or the personnel to get counts for people, go back and forth with questions and then compile and sell lists to local small customers. They just sell the whole thing and collect the money for the benefit of the state, without expense to the state.

Some Of The Most Respected Independent
Auto Repair Shops In The Nation Use The DMV List

 Some of the finest, most respected European, Japanese and American luxury and performance auto repair shops have been using the DMV auto repair mailing list for the full 8 years it has been available. Why?  Because there is simply no other make, model, year, auto repair marketing mailing list that comes close. There is nothing to go back to once you try the DMV List.

All of our DMV List clients already know this. They had to use compiled lists too. There is simply no better list for your auto service direct mail marketing than the actual DMV list from your state.

Accuracy and Authenticity?
What Source Could Be Better Than the DMV List?

There are plenty of lists out there telling you the height and depth, the great number of sources and the incredibly hard work it is to compile a list that is accurate. But, compiled lists will never be as good as the one true authority – The DMV List.

Call us today and let us tell you why, no matter how they brag on their compiled list, there just isn’t anything to compare with the actual DMV make, model, year auto repair direct mail marketing mailing list.

There are people out there right now, with the very cars you are looking for that have never seen your auto repair direct mail marketing postcard because they were not included on your auto service marketing mailing list.

So, the next time you are trying to find out how to sell auto service, call Motor Service Marketing to find out about our ultra upscale Ad-Card auto repair marketing program and the DMV List  to send it out.

Motor Service Marketing Will Give You A Free Market Analysis

We will put together a free market analysis of your area, based on make and model of the cars you want to work on. We will create a map showing you your market area and exactly how many cars you have to go after with auto repair direct mail marketing. And – we will give you prices for the DMV List for those cars and prices for the Ad-Card auto repair direct mail marketing program.

For 29 years, Motor Service Marketing has been the choice for fine European auto repair direct mail marketing, Japanese auto repair direct mail or even a general service shop that is looking to get trucks, SUV’s or any make and model of car you love to work on.

Jeff Kranitz – European Auto Service Boca Raton – an 8 year client talks about the DMV List.