Auto Repair Direct Mail Marketing Dirty Little Secret

Auto Repair Direct Mail Marketing Dirty Little Secret

The Other Side Of Auto Repair Direct Mail Marketing They Don’t Want You To See.

Angry Auto Shop Owner3 201x300 Auto Repair Direct Mail Marketing Dirty Little SecretGuess what I just found out? Says the angry auto shop owner. It seems that you sold me your auto repair direct mail marketing program at full price for my geographic area. Then you turned around and sold the same program to two of my direct competitors. You are sending their cards to the exact same homes you are sending mine. And, you are charging them full price!? Well isn’t that nice for you to make 3 times the profit at my expense! I thought I hired you to BUILD MY BUSINESS, not to fatten your own wallet with my money. We’re done as of right now! 


An auto repair marketing company that does not offer you exclusivity does not have your best interest at heart. Sure they give you the big strategy speech. Sure they go through the motions as quickly and cheaply as possible, but in the end, chances are, they will make more money than you will. If you make any at all.

This could be happening to you right now! This is what can happen when your auto repair direct mail marketing company doesn’t give you EXCLUSIVITY!

Does Your Direct Mail Company Give You Exclusivity? I’ll bet you don’t even know, because they will never discuss it with you. If they did, you wouldn’t purchase their program!

If they are not giving you exclusivity, you could be paying 2 to 3 times more for your cost per lead than you thought you were paying. And getting only 1/2 to 1/3 of the leads in your area. Add that to the price of your “Low Cost Auto Repair Direct Mail Marketing Program!”

  • Here’s What Could Be Happening To You: In the auto repair industry there is a constant struggle that each auto repair shop owner must go through in setting prices for his parts and services. 
  • 1. If you raise your prices too high – so you can make more money – you lose customers and make less money.
  • 2, If you set your price too low – to get more customers in your door – sure you can get more customers, but they are usually the low profit customers attracted by the giveaway and cheap auto service prices – and you still don’t make any more money. 

However, in the Auto Repair Direct Mail Marketing industry there is a way you can actually lower your prices and make more money. A lot more money. aND THAT IS THE Dirty Little Secret. 

So – You Say – I Find That Hard To Believe. Tell Me How An Auto Repair Direct Mail Marketing Company Can Actually Cut Prices And Make A Lot More Money?

Answer: They Sell The Same Marketing Program To Your Competitors!

  1. What these marketing companies don’t tell you - is the process I am going to tell you about right now.
  2. They don’t discuss the fact that they are already working with your competitors in the same market area – or could be in the future.
  3. Even as they are taking your credit card number for your order, they could be working with your competitors, but you don’t know it. And they won’t tell you.
  4. You won’t see it in a trade magazine ad or on their web site
  5. You will never hear about it from them at all. Until the day comes that your postcard, lands in your mailbox with 2 or 3 other cards from your competitors.
  6. When you are making your purchase, you will simply be making the assumption that you are the only auto repair shop in your territory who will be using this direct mail program “To Build Your Business”. Because that is what integrity calls for. That is what honesty demands.

What they do tell you is:

  • How great they are.
  • How large and credible their company is.
  • How many hundreds of customers they have.
  • They tell you all about the great strategies they will employ to get higher car count into your shop.
  • And how there is no one that will work harder to build your auto repair business.
  • But it is what they don’t tell you that nullifies everything else they do tell you.

So What Is The Auto Repair Direct Mail Marketing Dirty Little Secret? 

Chances are this kind of marketing company will also be working with one – and maybe even two or more – of your competitors, using the exact same program against you – while they smile and take your money from you.

So the personal attention and the great auto repair marketing strategy you assumed you alone were getting within your market area – turns out to be like a nightmare wedding.

You (the bride) march down the aisle just to find another bride already standing at the altar, leaving you without the full rights in the marriage you thought you were getting. And the other bride is just as stunned to see you!

I live in Houston. Several months ago I found 3 auto repair marketing postcards in the mail, from the same marketing company, each one for a different auto repair shop, in the same market area, all in the mailbox on the same day.

To my even greater surprise, a couple months later, I got 4 postcard, for different auto repair shops, from the same marketing company once again. Now just who makes out on that deal?

Are You Willing To Trust The Future Income Of Your Business To Such A Company?

Here Are The Painful Consequences – The Simple Math

If your auto repair direct mail marketing company is also advertising for other shops within your geographic territory this is what happens.

  1. If they sell to you alone:
    • A)   They make 100% profit. In other words, they make what they would normally make on your exclusive sale.
    • B)   And you get 100% of the leads generated – that this company’s type of direct mail marketing could deliver in your market.
  2. If they sell 2 shops in your market area
    • A)   They now make 200% profit.
    • B)   But you only get 50% of the leads generated.
  3. If they sell 3 shops in your territory,
    • A)   They are now making 300% profit.
    • B)   But you get only 33% of the leads generated.

And so on…Get the picture? Now We Know Who’s Making Out On That Deal…

It all boils down to this: Every shop they sell is paying them for the exact same leads. However, the more shops they sell their program to, the less leads each shop gets in return.

At least, if you buy an ad in one of those “Coupon Packet Mailers”, you know in advance you will have competitors in the same mailbox with you. But most auto repair shop owners don’t know that this is happening with most all auto repair direct mail marketing companies. Did you?

This creates a situation where you could be paying 2 or 3 times more per lead than you should be. And yet, these marketing companies call themselves a Low-Cost auto repair direct mail marketing company.

Have You Lost The Original Objective
Of Auto Repair Direct Mail Marketing?

Do you remember the original objective for your auto repair direct mail marketing? It is not to shop around for the lowest priced postcard program. It is to deliver large numbers of high income fine car owners. TO INCREASE YOUR INCOME!

  • What Is The Objective Of Auto Repair Direct Mail Marketing?
  • It is not to increase your car count.
  • Car count is meaningless!
  • High income car count means everything.
  • It is not to decrease your cost-per-card-mailed.
  • Cost-per-card-mailed is meaningless.
  • It is to increase your profit-per-respondent-delivered!
  • You are not buying a postcard.
  • The postcard is just a tool.
  • You are buying the customer who comes through your door.
  • The reward for doing it right is a fine car customer that creates high income for you. Not a cheap postcard price.
  • Stop focusing on the postcard and start focusing on customer profit.

But there can be another unintended consequence when you use cheap auto repair direct mail marketing. Most of the leads you do get in always seem to be built on – you giving away the store – through countless cheap coupons.

However, over the last 3 decades this type of auto repair marketing has proven to attract only the cheap, “Oil Change Only” low income customers – who bleed you dry and you never see them again. In many cases, the auto repair shop actually loses money on this customer due to the deep discounts THAT DON’T CREATE ANY ADD-ON SALES or COMEBACKS.

So who’s making the money on this type of auto repair direct mail marketing? The marketing company – not the auto repair shop owner.

That is why I make the statement in my book – The Art and Science of Selling Auto Service that -

“Most Modern Forms Of Auto Repair Direct Mail Marketing And Advertising Were Designed To Make Money For The Guy Selling It
– Not The Shop Owner Buying It”

And you know, from experience, it is true.

It’s Called Integrity
The Other Word For Integrity Is EXCLUSIVITY

As far as I know, Motor Service Marketing is the only auto repair marketing company that offers exclusivity with our auto repair direct mail marketing program. If you work with us, you select the zip codes to determine your auto service marketing area, and as long as you continue to use our upscale Ad-Card direct mail marketing program, that is designed to attract the “Fine Car High Income Customer”, we will work with none of your direct competitors. It has been that way for 30 years!

Some Other Auto Repair Direct Mail Marketing Companies Have Tried

Why Did They Give Up…

  1. They discovered how hard it is to track each individual marketing territory. The first thing we do when a new auto shop owner calls to find out about our direct mail marketing program is go to our master map. If we have a current client in that area, we have to tell all other auto repair shops that we cannot work with them. If you join forces with us, we put you on the map and no one else can touch your exclusive market.
  2. They discovered how many times they had to say NOto another auto repair shop that wants to work with them.  At Motor Service Marketing, it is normal for us to get 2 or 3 requests from competitors every time one of our new clients sends out their first round of the Ad-Cards in their local area.
    But it is also not unusual to turn down 5 or 6 competitors over several years of working with the same client. We often lose far more money than we make in many market areas of this country, because of turning down sales that other marketing companies would have taken.
  3. They discovered how much money they lost when you maintain EXCLUSIVITY! 

So – If you call Motor Service Marketing – you at least know that you are starting out with integrity. Let us show you how we can bring the “Fine Car High Income Customer” into your shop.

Which Customer Header Auto Repair Direct Mail Marketing Dirty Little Secret

OH YES! Your auto repair direct mail marketing is just this important. High income customers targeted by car make rather than car count. You select the cars you make the most money on, and we bring them in using the DMV auto repair direct mail mailing list – or the Comp-A mailing list.

Sure you are going to pay a little more to work with Motor Service Marketing. But since when was the cheapest of anything ever the best? But when you see the type of customer it brings in, you’ll understand.

See what our clients have to say about EXCLUSIVITY and the Ad-Card auto repair direct mail marketing program!

Steve Louden, a 17 Year Ad-Card Client – Video on Exclusivity – Louden Motorcars Dallas TX Servicing European Auto Repair Specialist

TALKING ABOUT EXCLUSIVITY. Steve Louden has stuck with the Ad-Card auto repair direct mail marketing program for 17 consecutive years.

Steve Louden – How To Use The Ad-Card Program.

Steve Louden made this video after using the Ad-Card program for 5 years. He went on to prove his comments by continuing to use the Ad-Card for another 12 years.

Jeff Kranitz – European Auto Service Aventura and Boca Raton FL, an 8 Year Client. How the Ad-Card Auto Repair Direct Mail Marketing Program and the DMV Auto Repair Mailing List works for them.

22% Sales increase the first year and a little more the second year. Auto service marketing direct mail at it’s very best. Ad-Card from Motor Service Marketing.

motor service marketing no shadow2 Auto Repair Direct Mail Marketing Dirty Little Secret

You finally have an option to cheap marketing that brings in mostly cheap customers! 

At Last – an auto repair direct mail marketing program that is sent only to Fine Car High Income Customers. What does that mean for your business? It means the respondents – that walk through your door – are Fine Car High Income Customers! The cheap “NO SALE” customers have been weeded out for you. They don’t even get your postcard. Think about what that could do for your business.

Motor Service Marketing
Zed Daniels – President,  auto repair direct mail marketing, advertising, web site design, and providing videos and articles for rank enhancement, all designed to bring in the “Fine Car High Income Customer” to improve your profits.