Auto Repair Advertising That Increases Customer Loyalty

Auto Repair Advertising That Increases Customer Loyalty 

How To Get A First Time Customer To Return As A Full Price Customer -OR-
How Not To Miss The One Most Overlooked Factor Required For Customer Loyalty That Only Good Auto Repair Advertising Can Solve.

Wich Customer Would You Rather Have Auto Repair Advertising That Increases Customer Loyalty

Your Auto Repair Advertising Makes This Choice For You. Is your automotive direct mail bringing in primarily high or low income customers? Your income will be decided by the direct mail marketing you choose.

Auto Repair Customer Loyalty Comes From 3 Basic Things
1)    You treat the customer like royalty.

2)    You service their car like it just came back from the factory.
3)    BUT THIS POINT IS THE BIG ONE! The customer has purchased a car he loves. Because he loves it, he is willing to take good care of it on a regular basis. And he has enough money to come back to you and pay full price for your services. This is the only way to make good money. This is when your auto repair advertising delivers the Prime Customer and the profits that go along with such customers.

But Here Is The Weird Part?? #3 Is Completely Overlooked. Completely overlooked because we start thinking about customer loyalty at the wrong moment. We think about it only after we have purchased and sent out our cheap auto repair advertising direct mail program. Then we complain that we get only low income customers who will not come back at full price. And – you make no money on them during the first visit either.

Most auto repair shop owners think that once they get a new customer in they will win them back with their great service and customer care. This is a complete fallacy. This is true only for fine car high income customers. They are the only ones who can afford to come back and pay full price. And – you’ll make more money on them during their first visit as well!!

Assuming you do treat your customers right – There Is One More Factor Far More Important Than Great Service And Customer Care. THE CAR THE CUSTOMER DRIVES AND THE CUSTOMER’S INCOME LEVEL.

Without high income the customer will drop you like a wet leaf. Then head off to the next shop that sends them a great coupon so they can save money.

  • Only the high income customer has the money to come back to you and pay full price.
  • Only the fine car high income customer should be the target when you are advertising your auto repair shop through direct mail marketing.
  • You are not Walmartwho can actually make money on low income customers due to massive volume. They do it through limited, simple auto repair services using low paid mechanics. And they sell stuff in the store while the customer is waiting. Plus, they do their advertising for the auto repair shop using TV, internet and print ads that you can’t afford to do.
  • You however are a full bore auto repair shop, with highly paid, highly qualified staff. You absolutely must have high income customers to make a good income.
  • You must start using a auto repair direct mail advertising that will bring in high income customers only. That is – if you want to increase your income – not just your car count.
  • How do you reach such a customer? Through properly targeted and perfectly designed auto repair advertising direct mail.

That is what Motor Service Marketing has done for the last 30 years. 800-428-0286

THAT IS WHY ALL TALK ABOUT CAR COUNT ALONE IS UTTERLY MEANINGLESS!! Low RO average work may keep the lights on, but will never reach your income goals. Are you at the $1 million mark yet? The overwhelming majority of auto repair shops are not. Why Not? Not enough fine car high income customers.

AND YES – you can target the high income customer and weed out the low income customer with your auto repair advertising direct mail. There Are TWO WAYS.

1)  HAVE THE RIGHT MAILING LIST. If you are looking for specific cars – beware. If you are trying to reach (let’s say Mercedes and BMW cars only) and you are sending out your auto repair advertising direct mail by carrier route saturation -or- by income level – you have completely missed the mark. (Call about your specific situation and we will tell you why.) But basically, your strategy and execution does not match your goal. You are sending your cards to the wrong prospects. Your list should be by make, model and year ONLY. 800-428-0286

Of course it’s more expensive to do it this way! But you decide. Do you want the high income customer coming through your door or not? They can earn back 100 times more than the few extra pennies per card it costs to bring them in. Or are you happy spending a little less and just keep bringing in the hoards of low income customers! That truly is your only choice.

Car make and year specialty marketing selects the right customer with the right car. It hits your car owner of choice right between the eyes. With this customers you know, by the very nature of the fine car they are driving, that this auto repair advertising lead will, 9 out of 10 times, have the money to pay well for your services. That is how you create higher income for you.

Even if you are a general repair shop, you too can select the cars you like to work on the most. Then, you can send your auto service direct mail marketing specifically to them only. Watch your response rates increase and you profits grow because you can work faster with less come backs because you know these cars the so very well.

We have many clients who send out 5 or 6 different auto repair advertising postcards at the same time – a little each week. Every card is designed to reach only one or two makes of car. The increase in response can be dramatic. Up to 3 or 4 times greater than generic automotive service direct mail marketing. And it brings in a much better customer.

Motor Service Marketing has specialized in this type of make, model, year auto repair advertising for 30 years. WHY? BECAUSE IT WORKS FOR YOU! That is why we have clients all over American who are still using the Ad-Card auto repair direct mail marketing program for 5 years, 10 years, 15 years and even 20 consecutive years.

Great design is the key to success. Delivered by the perfect mailing list.  And hitting them over the head with powerful self interest, trust and credibility!

General service postcards using the “Shop Appeal” are thrown out like rain. And amazingly, that is what most shop owners do, because it is cheap.

The phrase: “All Makes and Models” chases away the very customer you want to attract. Motor Service Marketing can turn this around for you, by creating targeted auto repair advertising that actually attracts the right car owners. The right car owners for you and your income.

2)  HAVE THE RIGHT DESIGN ON YOUR POSTCARD. Has your auto repair advertising direct mail been mostly cheap, over-sized, flimsy, postcards – slathered with coupons, with low image, little credibility, focusing mainly on the discounts? If so, the assumptions created by this image are killing sales to the fine car high income car owner and dragging in the very customers you don’t want.

If you are trying to target luxury or performance cars, cheap, fast and easy direct mail marketing is the wrong strategy. Your auto repair advertising direct mail must – MUST – look and feel as good or better than the dealership or you are immediately out of the running.

Jeff Kranitz Video Photo Auto Repair Advertising That Increases Customer Loyalty

CLICK TO SEE VIDEO: Jeff Kranitz, European Auto Service, Aventura FL. Got a 22% Sales increase the first year and a little more the second year. Now an 11 year client for all 3 of their locations. Auto service marketing direct mail at it’s very best. Ad-Card from Motor Service Marketing. 

The main reason these high income customers are going to the dealership and paying more – is because - they don’t know or trust you yet. Your auto repair advertising is not catching their attention or creating the right image and feel of confidence to get them to even give you a try. Motor Service Marketing has been designing high image, comfort zone auto repair advertising for 3 decades.

The Number One Tactic To Increase Your Profits Is To Implement Auto Repair Advertising That Brings In Fine Car High Income Customers – ONLY.

Gloria Testimonial Photo Auto Repair Advertising That Increases Customer Loyalty

When it’s fine cars, with high income owners you want, the Ad-Card auto repair advertising direct mail marketing program does the job. The right design combined with the perfect mailing list (the DMV List) can’t be beat.

Let’s face it. You can bring in 100 new customers with cheap auto repair advertising direct mail and end up with maybe a handful of high income customers that might come back.

If you want a higher RO average from your auto repair advertising, you need to target high income customers  ONLY. Not looking for advertising that is low priced for your auto repair shop direct mail – just to get your name out there.

When You Buy Auto Repair Advertising, You Are Not Buying A Postcard. You Are Buying The Quality Level Of The Customer Who Walks Through Your Door.

How Much Have You Saved If
Your Cheap Auto Repair Advertising Brings In Cheap Customers?
Nothing. You have lost.

Go Where The Money Is. Try Auto Repair Direct Mail Advertising
That Delivers The Prime Customer To Your Shop.
By Motor Service Marketing – 800-428-0286


Exciting The Right Customer Auto Repair Advertising That Increases Customer Loyalty

This is it right here. Successful auto repair advertising. A fine car in your service bay and a high income customer, who is willing to pay full price, standing at your counter. Nothing beats it! The Ad-Card auto repair advertising direct mail program provides this every day for auto repair shops all over the nation.

How Does Ad-Card Automotive Repair Advertising Bring In The Right Car?

  1. The upscale, believable, comfort zone design that captures the attention and creates trust of the fine car owner. Ad-Card delivers.
  2. The DMV direct mail mailing list. The list that gives you only the cars you make the most money on. No guessing, no income levels hassles, no wasted saturation mailings, just the right car with the right owner.
DMV Logo 2013 Small RGB 300x276 Auto Repair Advertising That Increases Customer Loyalty

Auto repair advertising direct mail marketing can’t be beat when it is targeted by the DMV make, model, year mailing list. It will find cars you didn’t even know were there before. YES IT’S REAL! YES IT’S LEGAL! Been selling it for 9 years.

The DMV List is available in 22 states. Click on the logo to find if your state is one of them.

If you are not in one of the DMV States, FEAR NOT. We have the  best compiled list available in the other 28 states. How do we know it is the best compiled list?

Simple Comparative Research. We compared many compiled lists with the DMV mailing list (same car make, year and zip codes) and found that one list that was closest to matching DMV counts. Easy! And yes – it is available in California!!

auto service marketing r1 c1 300x170 Auto Repair Advertising That Increases Customer Loyalty

How to sell fine car high income customers with upscale, highly targeted auto repair direct mail advertising. A free hard hitting online book with 30 years of experience on every page. No cost or sign-up so you won’t have a salesman bugging you. If you like what you read, you will call us.

Are you truly ready
to bring in the high income auto repair customer with your direct mail advertising?

Click the Motor Service Marketing logo below and find out how specialized, targeted direct mail marketing can turn your world around.

Give Us A Call Right Now. Ask us your most important questions. We will run a vehicle count and free market analysis of the actual makes and years you are looking for in your market area. Possibly for the first time, you might actually find out how many of your favorite cars are in your market area.


Call Zed Daniels, President -or- Wes Daniels, Senior Vice President
You will not be talking with a salesman. You will be talking with the creators of the strategy that has built higher profits for auto repair shops all over the nation.
Motor Service Marketing – 800-428-0286

motor service marketing no shadow Auto Repair Advertising That Increases Customer Loyalty

Nothing captures the Prime Customer better than the Ad-Card direct mail program for automotive repair advertising. Start bringing in the cars you make the most money on.


AND You Are Our One-And-Only-Client. We Give You EXCLUSIVITY
Motor Service Marketing works with only one auto repair shop in any given market area for your auto repair advertising direct mail. So you alone can harvest the very best customers in your neighborhood.

Call right now. Let us show you what Motor Service Marketing Can Do To Create A Whole New Profit Structure!

Zed Wes Sign Off Auto Repair Advertising That Increases Customer Loyalty

When seriously higher income is your only goal for doing auto repair advertising direct mail, there is only one place to call. Motor Service Marketing. 800-428-0286

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