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I flunked 5th and 7th grade. Went to summer school most every summer during high school and college. Got kicked out of college because of bad grades, fought my way back in. (It was either that or Viet Nam.) I left 4 years of college just 8 hours short of my degree. School was not my thing.

At last, something I enjoyed. 1972, first job out of college, Stewart-Warner corp. Chicago. Started as product specialist in the Alemite division. Transferred to the instrument division as youngest regional sales manager in company history in just 3 years, even with 9 months active duty in the Navy in the middle. The gasoline was already in my blood.

My Dad, pulled me away from all that to watch him develop the Mr. Coffee marketing plan. Joe Dimaggio helped us sell $49.95 coffee makers up against $14.95 percolators, and we captured 50% of the coffee maker market at its peak. The greatest success story in the history of the housewares industry at that time. Then we turned around and did it again with the La Machine Food Processor, taking 45% of the food processor market away from Cuisinart. It was magnificent times.

1984 - we moved to Houston to start a family business. 4 retail stores in major malls, a brother in each store, I was general manager. I hated it and got out within several months to go back to my first love, advertising. But while in retailing I learned something. We were bombarded daily with advertising salesmen, who knew absolutely nothing about advertising. They were simply trained on how to sell their product - but their advertising strategy, approach and content broke every rule in the book. I saw a niche and jumped in.

With a wife, 2 boys and $10,000 Dad gave me to get started - I jumped into the hellish world of small business ownership. I started my own advertising business working with small companies, but using the tested and proven advertising methods I learned on the national level.

Within weeks I visited with a guy who was a local printer who had seen some of my materials. In our meeting at his print shop I told him what we did, how we did it and why. He literally jumped up from his chair, ran into the press room and stopped the press. I asked him why he did it and he said, "After what you just told me, the advertising post card I am running for my auto shop friend won't work!" He was a man of integrity. He made a call and we went to see his friend.

It was a 3 bay shop with an RO average of about $80. The owner told me, "Zed, I am tired of bringing people in who just take advantage of our coupon but won't do any other repairs, even though some of their problems are serious safety issues. I want to bring in people with money!"

I said, "I can help you with that," and the first auto service marketing Ad-Card was born in 1984. We took his RO average from $80 to over $245 in just a matter of several months and filled his shop with Prime Customers - customers with nice cars and the money to spend on them. In a couple years he moved into a brand new shop with 8 bays, and today he has the most beautiful shop in Houston, with 20 bays, staffed with all Master Techs and is doing well over $2 million in sales.

Well That Was It! Auto Service Marketing Was My Niche

Today, we have independent auto service clients across the country, each one with Ad-Card exclusivity in their local market so we can pull out the Prime Customers for them, and them alone. Fully integrated advertising programs from direct mail to web site design and search engine management, all created to bring in the customer with money. That's all we do, and we do it very well.

Dad taught me the art and science of advertising and showed me how to attract customers with money. I applied it to auto service, and the history is still being made for shop owners with the wisdom and guts to try something different.

Thanks Dad! - Zed Daniels

Auto Service Marketing Texas Using The DMV Direct Mail Mailing List

Auto Service Marketing Texas Using The DMV Direct Mail Mailing List. That delivers high income, fine car customers only.

That’s right! If you own an auto repair shop in Texas, you no longer have to seek customers using the antiquated, disappointing method of increased – unsorted – car count that delivers mostly low income, “Cheap Oil Change Only” customers.

Will Make This Choice For You Auto Service Marketing Texas Using The DMV Direct Mail Mailing List

There is nothing more exciting than to see the right car, with the right customer pulling into your shop. On the other hand… There is nothing more disheartening than to see the wrong car with the wrong customer coming through your door. What’s the difference? The amount of money you make – or lose.


  • Unsorted car count means you are sending out cards to everybody.
  • Having absolutely no idea of what kind of car or income level will come in!
  • Why shoot for everybody? 
  • Why settle for high percentages of low income customers.
  • Why would you want to bring in low income customers at all?
  • You know. Cheap oil change only. No additional sale customers.
  • No profit customers that you have to weed out using your highly paid staff.
  • Customers that can cost you $20 to $40 each – in wasted staff time.
  • Customers who will not come back as loyal, full price customers.
  • Because they can’t afford to pay full price.
  • Why not eliminate the penny-pinchers altogether?
  • Why go through the wasted time and disappointing, lowered RO averages?
  • When you can select the exact cars you make the most money on.
  • Cars that you know - just by the very nature of the car’s make, model and year – will have a car owner who loves their car. 
  • A car owner who is willing to spend the money to keep that car running to perfection.

You need to be sending your direct mail postcards to ORANGES ONLY! This is what I call, “FLIPPING YOUR CUSTOMER BASE”. By eliminating the cheap customers and attracting only the fine car high income customers, your profits begin to soar all by themselves. Just because the right customer came through your door, with the right car.

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Auto Repair Advertising That Increases Customer Loyalty

Auto Repair Advertising That Increases Customer Loyalty 

How To Get A First Time Customer To Return As A Full Price Customer -OR-
How Not To Miss The One Most Overlooked Factor Required For Customer Loyalty That Only Good Auto Repair Advertising Can Solve.

Wich Customer Would You Rather Have Auto Repair Advertising That Increases Customer Loyalty

Your Auto Repair Advertising Makes This Choice For You. Is your automotive direct mail bringing in primarily high or low income customers? Your income will be decided by the direct mail marketing you choose.

Auto Repair Customer Loyalty Comes From 3 Basic Things
1)    You treat the customer like royalty.

2)    You service their car like it just came back from the factory.
3)    BUT THIS POINT IS THE BIG ONE! The customer has purchased a car he loves. Because he loves it, he is willing to take good care of it on a regular basis. And he has enough money to come back to you and pay full price for your services. This is the only way to make good money. This is when your auto repair advertising delivers the Prime Customer and the profits that go along with such customers.

But Here Is The Weird Part?? #3 Is Completely Overlooked. Completely overlooked because we start thinking about customer loyalty at the wrong moment. We think about it only after we have purchased and sent out our cheap auto repair advertising direct mail program. Then we complain that we get only low income customers who will not come back at full price. And – you make no money on them during the first visit either.

Most auto repair shop owners think that once they get a new customer in they will win them back with their great service and customer care. This is a complete fallacy. This is true only for fine car high income customers. They are the only ones who can afford to come back and pay full price. And – you’ll make more money on them during their first visit as well!!

Assuming you do treat your customers right – There Is One More Factor Far More Important Than Great Service And Customer Care. THE CAR THE CUSTOMER DRIVES AND THE CUSTOMER’S INCOME LEVEL.

Without high income the customer will drop you like a wet leaf. Then head off to the next shop that sends them a great coupon so they can save money.

  • Only the high income customer has the money to come back to you and pay full price.
  • Only the fine car high income customer should be the target when you are advertising your auto repair shop through direct mail marketing.
  • You are not Walmartwho can actually make money on low income customers due to massive volume. They do it through limited, simple auto repair services using low paid mechanics. And they sell stuff in the store while the customer is waiting. Plus, they do their advertising for the auto repair shop using TV, internet and print ads that you can’t afford to do.
  • You however are a full bore auto repair shop, with highly paid, highly qualified staff. You absolutely must have high income customers to make a good income.
  • You must start using a auto repair direct mail advertising that will bring in high income customers only. That is – if you want to increase your income – not just your car count.
  • How do you reach such a customer? Through properly targeted and perfectly designed auto repair advertising direct mail.

That is what Motor Service Marketing has done for the last 30 years. 800-428-0286

THAT IS WHY ALL TALK ABOUT CAR COUNT ALONE IS UTTERLY MEANINGLESS!! Low RO average work may keep the lights on, but will never reach your income goals. Are you at the $1 million mark yet? The overwhelming majority of auto repair shops are not. Why Not? Not enough fine car high income customers.
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Automotive Repair Marketing For Higher Profits

Automotive Repair Marketing For Higher Profits

Wes Checking Oil 2 1024x683 Automotive Repair Marketing For Higher Profits

Automotive Repair Marketing that brings in the high income fine car money customers makes everybody in the shop a happy camper.

Automotive repair marketing is a cutthroat, competitive business. I can remember back 20 to 25 years ago, before auto repair became so highly technical. I remember how  my automotive repair marketing clients would complain…

But the big questions might be – does most automotive repair marketing work or not?
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Automotive Service Marketing Is All About Beating Your Competition

Automotive Service Marketing Is All About Beating Your Competition

If automotive service marketing is all about beating your competition, you must first ask this question – What Are We Competing For?

Professional Woman 2134727 med 681x1024 Automotive Service Marketing Is All About Beating Your Competition

Great Automotive Service Marketing attracts fine car high income car owners who are willing and able to pay well for your services.

If the purpose of your automotive service marketing direct mail is to increase your profits, (and that is the only purpose for automotive  service marketing) then the answer to  this question is quite simple. You are competing for The Fine Car High Income  Customer. Why?

Because they are the only customers who have the money - to say yes – when you are making your “Services Needed” presentation. AKA the up-sale.

However 80% to 90% of all automotive service marketing falls into the category of “Cheap, Fast  and Easy” automotive service marketing direct mail.

What is Cheap, Fast and Easy automotive service marketing direct mail?
1) You call the automotive service marketing company.
2) They throw a photo of your shop, a car, several more stock photos on a postcard.
3) They add a snappy headline like “Car Problems?” “Need Auto Service?” or “Car Troubles?”. Compelling!?
4) Then they slather it with 4 to 8 cheap coupon offers (that you will be paying for).
5) They print it quick and saturate some carrier routes with it. (Which is a mediocre  method of income targeting).
6) All you have to do now is wait for the low income (oil change only) customers to bring in the coupons. And hope you get a few high income customers in the mix.

Most shops do their automotive service marketing this way. Most shops have the same results. Their apportioned share of the the coupon chasers.

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How To Sell Auto Service For Higher Profit

How To Sell Auto Service For Higher Profit

Auto Service 25 cents 200x300 How To Sell Auto Service For Higher Profit

Do you sometimes feel that your auto service marketing is bringing in nothing but low income customers. Find out how to sell auto service to high income customers.

Most auto service shop owners and most auto service marketing providers think that selling auto service starts at the front counter. It does not. It starts with who walks through your door. How to sell auto service for higher profit? You start with auto service marketing that attracts the high income fine car money customer.

I don’t care how many customers you have standing at your front counter. If most of them are low income customers you’ve lost the battle even before you get started.

You can have the most beautiful auto service shop in the neighborhood. You can be diligent and work hard all day. You can hone your sales techniques and strive for the up-sale. You can be the most friendly and persuasive auto service writer in the world. But all you will hear is the word “NO”. Because you are trying to sell people with no money, work that costs a lot of money. You can’t make the sale if the person you are talking to has no money.

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