Ad-Card Auto Service Marketing Direct Mail Program

Ad-Card Auto Service Marketing Direct Mail gives you a mailing list that can almost guarantee a 90% rate of high income customers responding to your direct mail depending on the cars you select.

A Whole New Approach1 Ad Card Auto Service Marketing Direct Mail Program

High income customers are not a luxury. They are a necessity if you want to reach your income goals. This is your chance. Ad-Card auto service marketing delivers your postcards to fine car high income leads ONLY! No waste. Merged with proven design elements that attract fine car owners – each lead is exactly the kind of new customer you are looking for. Keep Reading…

Are You still struggling with cheap, median income, shotgun saturation auto service marketing direct mail that delivers countless “cheap oil change only customers”, leaving you with no income?

These marketing companies are easy to spot. Their war cry is – “Car Count – Car Count, and cheap Cost Per Card Mailed!” Sorry, but car count is Meaningless!! And so is cost per card mailed! Why? Keep reading…

These marketing companies keep you focused on what you spend on your auto service marketing rather than the results – when the results is the only thing that matters! You have been trained to buy their cheap auto service marketing products at seminars, in videos, with claims that there just is no better method of direct mail marketing. And it’s cheap! Therefore you judge all auto service marketing programs based on price and car count rather than the income it produces.

The other side effect of this type of auto service marketing direct mail? EVERYBODY IS DOING IT BECAUSE IT IS CHEAP. YOU ALL LOOK ALIKE!

If your focus is on price per card mailed rather than the quality of customer who walks through your door…

YOU WANT TO TALK PRICE PER CARD MAILED? -NO- LET’S TALK PRICE PER LEAD INSTEAD. The lead is really all that matters anyway. The card is merely a tool. The lead is your bread and butter!

DON’T MISS THIS! You may be paying your cheap auto service marketing company 2 to 3 times more per lead than you think you are.


Does your current low priced auto service marketing company offer you EXCLUSIVITY? With 99% confidence I can say NO. I have been asking that question for 30 years and have yet to have anyone correct me to say – YES there is someone else offering exclusivity.

So, with that in mind - NOW - How much does your cost per lead go up if your “Cheap” auto service marketing company is also selling 2 of your direct competitors? They use the exact same auto service marketing postcards, they are sending them to the same homes as your postcards?

SIMPLE MATH! They make 3 times the money, you get one third of the leads you thought you would be getting. So your cost per lead just went up by 3 times. And – did they tell you that they are or could be working with your competitors?

I have seen – in my own mailbox - up to 3 and 4 auto service marketing postcards on the same day, from the same marketing company, for 4 auto repair direct competitors in my mailing area.

SO – IS THERE A BETTER WAY TO BRING IN FINE CAR HIGH INCOME CUSTOMERS. OH YES THERE IS! Motor Service Marketing Has Been Doing It For 29 Years! And giving all our clients EXCLUSIVITY for 29 years.

Auto Repair Shop Owners - Car Count Marketing Isn’t Working! What do I mean by the word WORKING?

Sure it works great if you like large numbers of low income customers. But if you start judging your auto service marketing by your income (rather than cost per card mailed and car count) you can see the difference immediately. If you want higher income you need to move up to a completely different level of auto service marketing.

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Shotgun saturation mailings not allowed here! Ad-Card Auto Service Marketing goes only to the cars – you make the most money on – by make, model and year! Not a mere guesstimate at someone’s income level.

For 29 years, the Ad-Card Auto Service Marketing Direct Mail Program has been bringing in fine car high income customers for specialty auto service shops and general shops alike.

You select the car makes and  years you love to work on. The cars that you already know you can make the most money on. We get the list and design the Ad-Card auto service marketing direct mail program to capture them. Using the tested and proven strategy of blatant self interest.

Ad Card R Logo Red Med Ad Card Auto Service Marketing Direct Mail Program

Tired of low income customers responding to your auto service marketing direct mail? Stop doing Car Count Marketing. Start doing Car Make Marketing to bring in the cars you make the most money on. BRILLIANT!!

How does this work? Ad-Card auto service marketing starts with a completely different approach to direct mail targeting.

Stop doing median income targeting. (The word median means middle. You will still have large numbers of low income customers in this group). Plus, the coupon slathered card designs attract only low income customers and repel the very customers you want.

Stop doing carrier route saturation shotgun marketing (where you never know what kind of car or customer you will get) but most of them will be low income. “Yeah – but it’s cheap you say!” But so are the customers it brings in.

Cheap auto service marketing drives in cheap car count. These methods have been proven over the last 20 years to drive a majority of low income customers to your shop. This is not marketing designed to increase your income. This is charity.

Ad-Card, however, goes directly to the source. We select the cars you love to work on by car make, model and year. Why? – Don’t Stop Reading Now!

NO GUESSING! NO  WASTE! Motor Service Marketing sends ALL your auto service marketing direct mail postcards to fine car owners by make and year. Not Willy-Nilly targeting based on a supposed median income level that in this economy are somewhat suspect.

Smaller numbers of low income customer responses also means: Less wasted write-up time, bay time, car inspection time – just to hear the word NO over and over again when you present their additional service needs at the sales counter.

Your Auto Service Marketing Should Be Weeding Out The No Income Customers – Not Your Highly Paid Staff!

All of your Ad-Card Auto Service Marketing postcards will be sent only to the cars you make the most money on!! You Choose Em. We Catch Em. You Serve Em.

Even your web site can’t cull out the top customers and leave out cheap customers like Ad-Card can!

Imagine the difference in the response rates for this kind of auto service marketing.

  1. Smoother workload.
  2. Customers who say YES!
  3. Higher RO averages.
  4. Much higher income.
  5. Happier employees.
  6. Happier Shop Owner!

See To Find Out How We Do This Car Make Targeting
Better Than Anyone Else In The Industry

By Knowing The Car Make2 Ad Card Auto Service Marketing Direct Mail Program

Stop hoping for a few high income car owners to show up from your cheap auto service marketing. Start sending your auto service marketing TO HIGH INCOME CUSTOMERS ONLY – BY CAR MAKE AND YEAR! And watch a new breed of customer start driving into your garage.

Send Your Auto Service Marketing Only To The Cars and Trucks You Love And Make The Most Money On:

  • The cars your technicians are best at.
  • The cars you make the most money on.
  • The cars (that you know by their very nature) have a high income car owner who is willing to pay well to keep that car running perfectly. And, will do the maintenance!
  • Then stand back and watch your entire auto repair system move faster, easier, with less problems, less come backs, and much higher income because of it.
  • Watch your “Freebie-Only” new customer rate drop off to a pittance.
  • And – watch the attitude of your staff start to change for the better because you are busy and everyone is making money.
  • Watch new customers turn into returning customers AT FULL PRICE! What is the real secret to getting that new customer back at full price – click here for a completely new insight on customer loyalty that is totally overlooked.
What Can The Ad-Card Auto Service Marketing Direct Mail Program Do For Your Auto Service Business? Listen to what several clients have to say.

European Auto Service Boca Raton FL – An Eight Year Client Fighting To Attract The Finest Cars In The World – In The Most Competitive Market In The Nation.
“What I would tell shop owners, you have to use the Ad-Card!” – Jeff Kranitz

22% Sales increase the first year and a little more the second year. Auto service marketing direct mail at it’s very best. Ad-Card from Motor Service Marketing.

Euro Motorworks in Indianapolis, A six Year Ad-Card Auto Service Marketing Direct Mail Client – And They Can’t Even Get The DMV List! They use our COMP-A make and year auto repair direct mail marketing mailing list. If you are not in a DMV List state, we still got you covered!

Gloria Testimonial Photo Ad Card Auto Service Marketing Direct Mail Program

We have been using the Ad-Card program for the last six years. Based on the results tracked we have made the decision to increase our usage every year. We consistently see a 120% return on our investment. That’s tracking the new client ONLY ON THEIR FIRST VISIT – and does not include revenue from return visits.

Steve Louden, President of Louden Motorcar Services, Inc., in Dallas Texas decided to try the Ad-Card after 22 years in business. These videos of Steve were shot after he had used the Ad-Card program for only 5 years. He goes on to prove every one of his on camera claims by sticking with the Ad-Card program for the next 12 years, and is still a current client.

Steve Louden – “…without a doubt, it (Ad-Card) has been the best marketing program we have ever used in our 27 years of business.”

After 22 years in business, Steve tried the Ad-Card Auto Service Marketing Program. Five years later we shot these videos.

What about Return-On-Investment with the Ad-Card Auto Service Marketing Program?

As you might have suspected, the Ad-Card is a little more expensive to run. But what about ROI for this upscale auto service marketing program? Check it out. It’s For Real!

Steve says, “Get yourself a program”. (The Ad-Card auto service marketing program). “Whatever it is keep doing the program. Whether it’s sending out 500 cards, 5,000 cards or 50,000 cards. Stick with it for at least a year or two and send those cards out on a regular basis. And the returns will start coming in and you won’t believe your eyes.”

Steve Louden has stuck with the Ad-Card auto service marketing program for 17 consecutive years.


Shop owners – there just isn’t another auto service marketing direct mail program like Ad-Card – that can deliver such a high concentration of high income customers.

CLICK HERE TO SEE HOW YOU CAN GET A FREE MARKET ANALYSIS SHOWING YOU THE NUMBER OF YOUR FAVORITE CARS IN YOUR MARKET AREA. And get a proposal for the Ad-Card auto service marketing program. No obligation. No pressure. Or maybe you just want to get the DMV auto repair direct mail marketing mailing list. 800-428-0286
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Forget car count and start advertising for high income with the Ad-Card auto service marketing program. Bring in the cars you make the most money on! It is the only auto service marketing direct mail strategy that makes any sense.

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We don’t believe in Car Count. We believe in sending the Ad-Card auto service marketing program only to fine car high income car owners. Higher response rates capturing higher income customers!!

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