Car Service Marketing – Just How Important Is It

Car Service Marketing – Just How Important Is It

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When your car service marketing brings in large numbers of low income customers, you can’ t make any money.

Car Service Marketing – Just How Important Is It?
Your car service marketing, whether it be through the use of car service marketing direct mail or your auto shop’s web site – it is your car service marketing that determines the income level of the customers walking through your door.

How Many Auto Service Shops Have The Perfect High Traffic Location?
I certainly don’t know the statistic, but after being in the car service marketing industry for 30 years, working with hundreds of independent auto service shops all over the nation, I can tell you there are very few.

If You Don’t Have The Perfect Location, You Better Have Perfectly Targeted Car Service Marketing!

The overwhelming majority of auto service shops have a marginal to poor location. As such, you absolutely must have highly targeted car service marketing direct mail and a great web site to show the high income customer that you can handle their car.

Why? To make them feel comfortable enough to get them to try you. If you don’t have great car service marketing, geared to capturing upscale customers, you will spend the rest of your days doing cheap oil changes, selling windshield wipers and air cleaners instead of making money.

What Kind Of Car Service Marketing Customer Are You Willing To Settle For? You basically have 2 kinds of auto repair customers that your car service marketing direct mail and web site marketing will bring through your door.

The Low Income Oil Change Only CustomerThis car owner, looks at your car service marketing direct mail postcard, checks to see how cheap your oil change is and throws your postcard away if you are too high priced. (That can actually be a good thing.  It can be better than having 10 new customers in line at your counter, with 8 of them being low income customers and only 2 high income customers. Your chance of losing the high income customers in this scenario is high.)

First off, that is poor targeting on the part of your car service marketing mailing list. This problem is typical with carrier route saturation mailings and income lists that may not be as accurate as they used to be.

Carrier routes were not made for car service marketing, they were made for the convenience of the Post Office. Most every carrier route will have low income as well as high income people in them. As such, you will almost always get a majority of low income customers along with the high income customers.

The best thing you can do with your car service marketing direct mail is to make sure the mailing list you are using is going to high income leads only.

Or better yet, select your target market by getting a list by make, model and year. Car owners who have fine cars almost always have the money to pay for your auto repair and maintenance services. Plus they will trust you more if they get a car service marketing postcard in the mail that features their own car.

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Car service marketing takes on a whole new dimension when you target high income customers by make and year!


A DMV make, model, year direct mail mailing list is the absolute best way to reach the high income car owners. Car service marketing reaches a whole new level of success using this formula!

When you make car owner selections by car make and year, you know exactly who will be coming through your door. As opposed to saturation mailings where you never quite know what to expect.

Keep The Goal In Mind
Car Service Marketing is not an exercise in trying to see how low a price you can get your postcards printed and mailed for. It is an exercise in bring in customers with money.

If you look at car service marketing by car count and price per card mailed, you have completely taken your sites off the goal. The goal is high income customers walking through your door with your car service marketing postcard in their hand.

Car Service Marketing That Draws A Majority Of Low Income Customers Can Destroy Your Income.  

You know who I’m talking about – the kind of customer you get a hundred of when you run the $19.95 oil change, just to find out that you lost money all the way around. Wasted printing, wasted postage, wasted mechanic time, wasted oil and filter, wasted phone time, wasted service writer time – and – none of these customers will ever come back until you run the next $19.95 oil change. AND You Feel Like Instructing Them:  PLEASE!!! Please don’t tell your Low Income Customer friends about us either!!! I can’t afford to lose any more money.

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Car service marketing that brings this guy to your shop, brings the income right along with him.

The High Income Fine Car Customer.
This fine car owner throws out the $19.95 oil change auto repair marketing postcards. They are looking for quality, great customer service, reputation and you better look like you know their fine car and will treat them with complete respect. They will gladly pay extra for an oil change if the shop knows their stuff and will treat them right.

Is Your Car Service Marketing Attracting The Right Customer – Right Now?

If not, you are wasting your money. Car service marketing must – absolutely must – attract and sell the Fine Car High Income Customer. You cannot build your auto repair service business on oil changes alone, unless you are a quickie lube shop. You are paying too much for your talented mechanics, diagnostic equipment, higher expenses, auto repair tools and equipment. You need to make a serious profit on as many repairs as possible.

What Does That Tell You? It tells you everything you need to know about the new strategy you need to implement for your next round of car service marketing.

How Do I Capture The High Income Customer With My Car Service Marketing?
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Find out how to sell the high income customer with your car service marketing. Free hard hitting online book with 30 years of experience on every page. No sign-up so you won’t have a salesman bothering you.

Go read the free online book: “The Art and Science of Selling Auto Service”
It will explain everything, without you having to sign up so some salesman won’t call and bug you. If you like what you see, you will call me.

You can also see more by going to our web site at Motor Service Marketing
30 years of successful, high income capturing, car service marketing experience on every page. Car service marketing direct mail, web sites and articles “For High Income Customers Only!”

If you are using cheap, saturation car service marketing direct mail right now, going after car count (never knowing what will be coming through your door) you might want to give us a call just to see if we really know what we are talking about.

If your profits are not growing, you need to start doing something that will bring in the auto repair customers who have the fine cars, the money and desire to keep their car running to perfection.

This kind of car service marketing is a whole new experience toward increasing your profits. How much would it mean to you to increase your customer base with as little as a 10% to 20% with high income customers?

Just imagine how it would be if you could reach 50% to 70% or more of your auto service customers, being Fine Car High Income Customers!! That is what Motor Service Marketing has been all about for 30 years. That is car service marketing at its very best, even if it is slightly more expensive.

Are you ready to get serious about your car service marketing? Because until you do – you will continue to live in “Low Income Customer Purgatory” for the rest of your business life.

And for auto repair specialty shops that need car service marketing direct mail mailing lists by make model and year, you can go check out The actual DMV list in 22 states by make and year, completely legal and in use for 8 years. The best car service marketing direct mail mailing list available in country.

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