Auto Repair Marketing Direct Mail Selectively Sent Only To High Income Fine Car Owners!
Designed To Significantly Increase Your Income – not just your unsorted car.

Drastically reduces the endless, expensive weeding out process caused by dealing with large numbers of No-Profit customers. You know. Those who purchase nothing but the cheap oil change. You are losing from $20 to $40 in staff time for each of these customers you bring in. That alone, makes cheap auto service marketing the most high priced advertising you can buy.

Auto Service Marketing For Independent Auto Repair Shops Only
No Dealerships Allowed!


Auto service marketing for independent auto repair shops through upscale auto repair direct mail marketing capturing the fine car high income customer.
Targeted with the DMV Mailing List.
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Do You Actually Want To Make More Money
Or Are You Happy With Increased Car Count Busy Work?

When You Finally Come To Realize That Money Comes From Where Money Is,
It Changes Your Whole Perspective On Auto Service Marketing.

When you buy an auto service marketing direct mail program, you are not buying ink on a postcard and the cheapest way to send it out. You are buying the quality of customer who walks through your door. That is why the endless discussions about "Car Count" is utterly meaningless and cheap, coupon slathered auto repair advertising direct mail doesn't deliver high profits.

The goal of auto auto repair advertising is not to find the cheapest way to put a postcard in the mail. Your goal is to deliver the highest profit per new customer acquired. The Cheapest auto repair advertising can actually be by far the most expensive in lost profits on the customer side!

Profitable auto service marketing is about hitting the higher income customer, with an assumption of professionalism and comfort - strong enough to get them to try you. This has been our specialty for the last 35 years.

11-year client. European Auto Service in Boca Raton, tells how the Ad-Card Auto Service Direct Mail Marketing Program and the DMV List helped his business with a 22% increase the first year.
  A 21-year client, Steve Louden of Louden Motorcar Services in Dallas, founding member of the AMI training program and former Chairman of the Board for ASA National, discusses the Ad-Card Auto Service Marketing Direct Mail Program.
  A 21-year client, Russ Stein of Stein Automotive Louisville KY

Car Count Is Meaningless!

Auto Service Marketing

The only way to make serious money in the auto service business is to fill your shop
 with fine car, high-income customers.

Auto Service Marketing Direct Mail

Let's Be Pioneers and Break Some New Ground Right Here

There Are Two Basic Types Of Auto Service Marketing Direct Mail

1) Auto Service Marketing Based Only On Increased Car Count

The Car Count Strategy takes into consideration the goal of getting more cars to your shop. Normally with little distinction in knowing the income level or propensity of the car owner to keep their car in top maintenance and repair. (In other words: "Will They Spend The Money?")

Any old car fits into this category. Thus the endless disappointment in Car Count Auto Service Marketing for bringing in mostly low income, low RO average customers. You can't sell an $800 brake job to a $50 pocket.

In this economy, most people don't have much money. But those that do usually don't reply to cheap auto service marketing because it looks like you are an "All Makes and Models" shop. They don't trust you to properly service their fine car or treat them right. If they did trust you from what they saw on your postcard, you would be getting a lot more of them from your current direct mail program. But you're not. Right?

Auto Service Direct Mail Marketing Based On The Car Make, Model and Year Strategy

Car Make Auto Service Marketing applies the strategy that certain car makes (within given year ranges) belong to people who have high incomes. In addition, by the very nature of the vehicle they have selected, they are willing to pay well to keep their fine car in perfect running condition.

Mid to high priced cars, luxury and performance cars fit into this category. Proper year selection makes even the mid-priced vehicles a great customer. Honda, VW, Chevy, Ford, Toyota, Mercedes, BMW, etc. for example.

With Car Make Strategy you select your perfect auto repair customer almost every time by selecting the vehicle they drive. They have spent more money to purchase the fine car that they love. Often with their ego tied deeply to their car.

There is nothing better than the way they pull up to a fine restaurant in their Mercedes. Some enjoy the way others look at them when they step gracefully from their Bentley. The Porsche driver puts on his virtual helmet as he enters his world class race car. The VW TDI owner is proud of the technology and mileage of their diesel automobile. And the Suburban owner loves stuffing six kids in that beautiful SUV to run to baseball practice.

Are You Still Operating Under The False Assumption That:

All you have to do is get a new customer into your shop once - and – by treating them right - you have a great chance at getting them back as a loyal customer at full price?

HERE’S THE REALITY. If a high income customer likes you on the first visit, they will come back as a full price customer. A low income customer, however, will never come back, even though they like you. Why? Because they can’t afford to pay full price.

Only Fine Car High Income Customers Can Afford To Be A Loyal Full Price Customer!

Auto Repair Advertising Direct Mail Marketing

You've Got Nothing To Lose
And Possibly Everything To Gain - So Why Not Just Call Us Right Now.

(281) 580-1111

We will get you a car count by make and year in your local market. Put the counts up on a map to show you where they are. Then give you the count so you will know (maybe even for the very first time) exactly how many of the cars you love to work on are actually in your market area.

Then we will give you a proposal for the Ad-Card Auto Service Marketing Direct Mail Program. The very program that has been bringing in fine car, high-income customers since 1984 for clients just like you. All You Have To Do Is Say Yes Or No.

Maybe you just want to buy the DMV make, model, year mailing list. That's OK too.

"We have been using the Ad-Card program for the last six years. Based on the results tracked we have made the decision to increase our usage every year. We consistently see a 120% return on our investment. That's tracking the new client ONLY on their first visit and does not include revenue from return visits. The card is of a higher quality than most mail pieces and the incorporation of photos along with the client testimonials goes a long way toward building trust before the new client even visits our shop. I consider the Ad Card an integral part of our advertising plan."

Upscale Auto Service Marketing

Remember This: Motor Service Marketing is the only auto service marketing company to offer EXCLUSIVITY. That means the first shop in your market area will get the Ad-Card Auto Service Marketing Program - shutting out all other shops. Call fast just in case you might be interested. There is no harm in telling me no.


Auto Service Marketing by Motor Service Marketing

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